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Thinking about engagement?
Find out why customers have been turning to Kries for help in finding the perfect diamond engagement ring for over 50 years.

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Thinking about getting engagement? Let Kries help.

For over 50 years, we have been helping couples of all ages learn about the different engagement ring options. Get started here by learning about the "Four Cs".


The less color a diamond possesses, the higher its value. The reason is that diamonds act as prisms and break rays of light into spectrums of colors, which are known as fire. A diamond's color will affect the way this fire appears by filtering out some of its brilliance. Diamonds graded with color D-J are virtually colorless and typically emit brilliant sparkles.


Another major factor that determines a diamond's value is how free its structure is from internal flaws or inclusions. Diamonds with no or few inclusions are very rare and highly valued. Clarity is graded based on the number, location, size, and type of the inclusions found in a diamond.


Depending on how a diamond is cut, its brilliance will vary. If we presented two diamonds side by side both having perfect color and clarity, but one having a poor cut and the other ideal, you would notice a distinct difference in the brilliance of the diamond. The reason for this is that a bad cut can make a diamond look dull because light is not allowed to play within the diamond's geometry and is instead simply passed through its structure.


A large majority of people wrongly believe that a diamond's weight (measured in carats) is single-handedly the most important factor in choosing a diamond. While size is important for certain ring settings, size does not always play as large a role as the other "Cs" in making an engagement ring perfect. Larger diamonds are more rare than smaller diamonds and diamond value tends to rise exponentially with carat weight. We help our customers balance all factors to design the perfect ring that fits in their budget.

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